About Us
Summit Croissants is a home baking business started
in the Spring of 2005 and is located in Akron, Ohio.   
All of our products start with a hand made croissant
dough which is prepared with unbleached flour, organic
milk, and real butter.  We do not use any
trans fats or
partially hydrogenated oils.  The fillings we offer are
all made from local ingredients, whenever possible.

During the summer, Summit Croissants products are
available at
Farmers Markets throughout the Akron
area.  See our Farmers Markets page for locations.

Throughout the year, all of our croissants are available
by special order from Summit Croissants and at
various retailers in and around Akron.  Check out our
how to order” page and our "where to purchase" page
for more information.
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